Daniel Urbas

An experienced litigator, arbitrator and mediator with over 25 years of dispute resolution experience, Daniel Urbas is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) based in London, UK, as well as a founding Director of the CIArb’s new Canada Branch.

He sits regularly as an arbitrator, both as a sole arbitrator and as chair or member of a three-member arbitration tribunal. His appointments have been by individual parties, jointly by the parties, appointed by the courts and by administering institutions such as ICC, CCAC and IATA. He is also listed on various rosters including general commercial rosters organized by the ICDR, CIETAC, BCICAC and more specialized, industry/activity specific rosters such as the Canada Transport Agency’s.

His mediation efforts involve all variety of commercial and civil disputes.

In addition to his appointments as arbitrator and mediator, Daniel has advised and represented clients in commercial and civil litigation, intellectual property (including anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting litigation) and information technologies, energy (wind, bio), natural resources (mining, forestry, fishing), product liability, construction, distribution and franchise, Aboriginal law matters including treaty and land claims litigation and dispute resolution of agreements relating to governance and natural resource development on native peoples’ territories.

He handled trial and appellate advocacy, as well as urgent and extraordinary applications. He has appeared before the provincial and federal courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as before arbitration tribunals and various administrative tribunals..

Fluently bilingual in both English and French with degrees in both Common Law and Civil Law, Daniel is an active member of the Barreau du Québec, the Law Society of Ontario and the Law Society of British Columbia .

At his former national law firm, up until June 2017, Daniel served as Regional Leader of the International Trade Litigation and Arbitration group and Regional Leader of the Intellectual Property Litigation group. Formerly, Daniel was also Regional Leader of the Commercial Litigation group and National Leader of the Intellectual Property Litigation group.